Benefits of Social Advertising - Increased Reach

  • By Andrew Eamer
  • Monday, May 20, 2019

As consumer channels continue to shift to fit an “on-the-go audience”, media channels like social have a bigger reach than ever. We are in the prime era of social media. Engagement is high, and ad cost is still low. Though there is still a huge marketing benefit on the search platforms, we are quickly seeing the market transition to another, newer, and more mobile friendly platform, social media. Below are a list of benefits that our current clients gain from running a complete social media advertising campaign with audience pre-qualification ability through Oracle Data Cloud. 

Increased Reach - For this blog inpreticular I have chosen to highlight the benefits of increased reach. Social Media Advertising give us a new ability to reach beyond the intended-buyers (SEO+SEM) and open-up the doors and minds un-intended buyers. There is enormous value in reaching this unintended-buyer channel. 
1) Social media advertising has the ability to turn the unintended buyer into an intended-buyer by building brand equity within a pre-qualified household. This is a great way to introduce a new brand, product, service and even technology to a potential customer base who may not shop on your typical customer buying channels. When buyers are not actively seeking a solution or looking to replace an existing item, they are not going to find your company through a search engine. Now more than ever they become aware of the your company and brand from exposures on social media. In this case, the door will swing open if your brand reputation is good and inspires curiosity. New customers are more open minded and willing investigate a new product or service that have a distinctive brand, and social media advertising has the power to do just such a thing.
Precision Ad Targeting2) Customer pre-qualification and targeting power. We have the ability to enhance facebook’s already strong business manager platform thanks to our exclusive partnership with Oracle Data Cloud. With this enhanced targeting platform we are able to pre-qualify an ideal buying audience by demographics, geographic, psychographics, and real user buying data, so that your company’s messaging is only going to people who have the most potential use for your product or service. This strategy is both efficient and effective at reducing the time, money, and other resources spent on vetting or pitching an unqualified customer.
3) Increase to the total amount of traffic to website. Mobile and tablet devices now account for over 60% of internet use. Social media has designed their products around mobile and tablet use and due to this social media traffic has never been higher. After the analyzing Q1 data of our customer’s website referral sources we found the following:
Overall website traffic increased over 500%. Prior to our HVAC clients using a facebook ad campaign, they averaged approximately 250 referrals per month. After Q1 of using AET’s social media strategy these clients are seeing over 3,000 total website referrals per month
Facebook’s Advertising platform accounted for 60% - 75% of all website traffic for our customers in the energy (HVAC & Solar) markets  
  • Increased metrics and website results within current SEO campaigns. We haven’t yet been able to track these marketing platform cross-pollination completely, but we are seeing a  strong correlation between the increase social media referrals and direct & organic traffic referrals. One of our HVAC clients has seen an average growth of organic hits to their website from 300 per month to 400 per month, and direct hits increase from an average of 185 per month to over 350 per month.
4) Increase reach results in increase in revenue - By positioning yourself in both intended and unintended buying channels you position your self for both lead generation and branding. While lead generation has been the status quo metric for most marketing campaigns, branding is also important for a company to set itself apart from the competition. Adding a social media media campaign with pre-qualification ability from Oracle Data Cloud gives our clients premier access to the most targeted audience channel on the internet. Doing so has positioned our clients to generate income from an entirely new revenue channel, while also enhancing previous channels like SEO.