Use real data to target your audience with precision accuracy - 
We help companies adapt their brand to the ever-evolving market place. Why waste money advertising products and services in front of the wrong, or unqualified audience? At AET Media we work with companies to precision target their ideal buying audience with ad content specifics to the end user. Our method of filtering real-user buying data with demographic, psychographic, and geographic information allows us to reach and engage with a potential, and current customer better than anything else on the market today.

Example of our audiences advertising filter ability: 

Real-user buying data: Credit Tier | Homeowners | Household Income | Occupation

Demographics: Age | Gender | Education Level | Family Size | Marital Status

Psychographics: Interests | Behaviors | Principals and Buying patterns

Geographic: Country | Region | State | Zip code  |  1 miles radius


 Advantages  of Nano-Targeting


Tailored Content - ability to target and customize content to very specific audiences

Budget - ability to push your promotion in front of ideal target markets for much cheaper than CPC or CPM

Analytics - real time data can track how well an ad campaign is working

Fluidity - ability to adjust budget and messaging as needed

Benefits of advertising to

a Pre-Qualified Audience


- Build your Brand
- Generate High Quality Leads
- Reduce your inefficiency cost in sales & marketing
We believe that prioritizing the integration of a company's brand through its customer channels is key to business growth. Branding is a long-term metric that solidifies a company's identity and worth to the consumer. Creating and maintaining a strong brand helps establish customer advocacy,  and is essential to a company's long-term success. 

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